Welcome to Tara Lodge in Kep

Seduced by the charm of Cambodia and particularly Kep, we decided to settle there. Kep is located a few kilometres from the border with Vietnam on the south coast of Cambodia.

Kep is renowned for its sweeping views on the gulf of Thailand and its islands but also for its range of seafood, particularly its crab. Kep hills are the site of the Kep National Park.

Once upon a time, Kep was Cambodia’s most popular and prestigious seaside resort. The remnants of its colonial villas attest to the town’s former glory.

Several recent improvements, such as a paved promenade and some statues along the ocean as well as modern practicable roads linking it to other towns (Kampot, Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh, Vietnam) have renewed Kep’s attractiveness while preserving the relaxed lifestyle that gave it its reputation.

We have created the Tara Lodge in our image, a heaven of peace and conviviality. We invite you to visit our place and discover the culture and the legendary kindness of Cambodian people. The Tara Lodge in Kep is a space for encounters and exchange with us, with our guests, but also with Khmer culture.